Antiphon from Siggiewi, Malta

Music by Monsignor Lawrence Mifsud, Siggiewi, Malta

Statue of San Nicolas
San Nicolas, Church of San Nicolas of Bari, Siggiewi, Malta
Postcard: St Nicholas Center Collection
Ego sum Nicholaus,
protector vester,
hoc confidens scio,
quia manebo et permanebo cum omnibus vobis,
ad profectum vestrum et gaudium fidei—

I am Nicholas,
your protector;
I know this for sure,
that I will be forever with all of you,
for your spiritual good and the joy of faith—

Text: Mons. Lawrence Mifsud
Tune: EGO SUM by Mons. Lawrence Mifsud

Antiphon with translation:

By Mons. Lawrence Mifsud, used by permission.

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