St. Nicholas

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N is for Nicholas!

Seethree pictures . . . and make your own!

N with Nicholas carrying crozier and sack
Saint Nicholas was so much more
than just a jolly soul.
He lived to radiate God's love,
and from Heaven meets this goal.

Saint Nicholas was a bishop whose loving kindness has
echoed through the centuries in the legend of Santa Claus.

N with young saint holding bag to fill wooden shoes

N is for Nicholas,
St. Claus, so we say;
He's loved by all children
Right down to this day.

N with Nicolas with crozier and children

N is for Nicholas!

N is Nicolas with crozier and money bag
Print or cut-out to make a stand-up or flat
St. Nicholas!

Make your own!


Book coverAn Alphabet of Catholic Saints, by Brenda & George Nippert, Joseph's Heartprint, Nippert & Co. Artworks, 2006, copyright © 2006.
Used by permission.
A saint for each letter of the alphabet, with illustration, rhyme and a sentence of background.
Purchase from, or

Book cover From The ABC of The Saints by Mary Charitas, S.S.N.D.,
illustrated by Gladys Allie,
Copyright © 1940, Catechetical Guild, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Alphabet Poster From L'alphabet de Noël,
Premier de Classé, Paris, France.

ABC Saints From ABC Saints,
Catholic Icing.

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