Modern Miracles of Saint Nicholas

in Russia

19th century Russian icon with brass oklad
St Nicholas Center Collection
The Intercession of St. Nicholas in Our Days
reflections by three Russian Orthodox priests, 2012
First Aid from St. Nicholas
from Russia in 1956
A Strange Miracle in 1956
An incident that had a big effect in Kuibyshev
It Happened in Siberia
a priest visits an officer
An Extraordinary Case
a true story from Holy Russia, 1707
A Gift of Prayer
a Muslim woman's prayer answered, 2011
The Builder of Churches or How St. Nicholas Came to Confession
a church restoration following the war
The Rescue of a Wayward Daughter
through the prayers of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker
Icon Appears on Old Door
a bit of Old Russia returns
Saint Nicholas on the Bus
account from 1965
Captive Release
in the time following the Bolshevik revolution
Someone is Knocking on the Window
from a town near Moscow
Miraculous Appearance of Icon of St. Nicholas
in the village of Velikoretskoye, 2017
Why a Family Names Sons "Nicholas"
how a rescue changed a family
Saving Metropolitan Hilarion
feeling Saint Nicholas' presence
Papa, It's Him
rescue of a child
A Sea Miracle
bringing a captain to faith
St. Nicholas' Watchful Eye
a harrowing journey in the Northwest Passage
Russian Sailors
a rescue at sea
Saved from an Icy Death
rescue in Siberia

In another section

Icon, Lost and Found
story of the St. Nicholas icon on Nikolskaya Tower, Moscow Kremlin
The Velikoretsky Way of St. Nicholas
tells of the wonder-working icon and the amazing 600 year old pilgrimage

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