An Icon Appears on Old Door

Faint icon image on rough wood
St Nicholas icon on old shed door

A family purchased an old abandoned house in a village in the Dictrict of Tambov. As the building was dismantled, an old door was removed and hung in a shed. It remained there for nearly a year.

Then one day, following a rain, the daughter went into the garden and saw an icon on the door! She ran to it, kissing the image. When she returned to the house, she said, "We have a miracle! Nicholas Wonderworker has appeared!"

The door was taken immediately to the church in Shehman.

When viewing the icon, the Bishop of Tambov reported, "Yes, this is a miracle because for so many years we did not know about this icon, and suddenly it is revealed. It is revealed to show what survived the terrible persecutions in our homeland."

Many pilgrims have come to see the icon, from near and far. Each day the image becomes brighter and brighter.

An art restorer has identified the icon, that had been hidden under a coat of paint, as late 19th century, Moscow school.

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