Someone Is Knocking on the Window

Saint Nicholas icon
Saint Nicholas, Rybinsk, Russia
St. Nicholas Center Collection

The following miracle happened in Balashikha, a town near Moscow.

The Soloviev family had four children. The mother was on her death bed. Her ten year old daughter Paraskevi stood at the window crying.

She suddenly heard a sound on the window. Wiping her hand on the frosted window she saw an old man with a cord wrapped around his shoulder.

He said to her, "My girl do not cry. Your mother will not die."

Paraskevi quieted down and went to tell her neighbors of this. "My mother will not die. An old man told me."

"Which old man?"

"The one who knocked on my window. He had a cord on his shoulder. He told me that mama will not die."

They showed her some icons. She recognized St. Nicholas who was shown with an omophorion and holding a Gospel.

From John Sanidopoulos Mystagogy. Used by permission.

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