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Images for Media and Print Use

St. Nicholas Center offers a selection of high resolution (300 dpi tifs) suitable for use in print media. Click to see the images. E-mail to request a password to download the files. Please include the following information:

  • Name of organization
  • Name and type of publication
  • How images would be used (purpose)
  • Which images you want to use (identified by number)
  • Size of the print run

Credit all images to "St. Nicholas Center," at point of use.

When appropriate, please include other a bit more, such as, "where there is more information about the saint, customs from around the world, stories and activities for children, recipes, crafts, and much more to help families, churches and schools learn about and celebrate St. Nicholas."

Please send two copies of the publication to St. Nicholas Center (109 West 12th Street, Holland, MI 49423 USA).

If you want another image from the site, ask. If it is available for use, and time permits, we will upload it for you.

To expedite commercial inquiries, please provide complete information concerning the company, its products or purpose, and exactly how the images would be used (including size of the print run). Thank you.

Click here to see the images

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Help us publicize our site! Simply click on one of the images above to download the PDF version and print it out on your laser printer. You can then cut and paste it into your local newspaper, newsletter, or publication. We at the St. Nicholas Center thank you!

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