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Carol Myers is the creator and host of www.stnicholascenter.org, with thanks to Jim Rosenthal for inspiration and support.

Carol with Sinterklaas in Holland, Michigan
Carol and Jim in front of St. Nicholas mosaic at San Marco, Venice, Italy

Carol Myers and Jim Rosenthal met on the Internet—discovering that each had a deep interest, some might say obsession, with St. Nicholas. In the summer of 2000 they met in person in Canterbury, England. Carol's husband, David, innocently asked what was to become of the extensive collections of St. Nicholas artifacts and memorabilia which each had amassed. A commitment to recovering St. Nicholas in the life of the church and beyond led to the idea for St. Nicholas Center.

With Jim's encouragement, Carol developed www.stnicholascenter.org and is responsible for its content.

Carol brings experience with children, Christian education, and a commitment to providing a wide range of resources for teachers, families, and churches to use in helping all ages understand St. Nicholas. She is also interested in folk customs that have grown up alongside religious tradition in so many different countries. Her capacity for sustained focus and dogged attention to research and detail have made the site possible.

Enesco ornament
Enesco ornament on eBay that caused Jim to contact Carol

Jim brought a broad experience of St. Nicholas in religious tradition. In his work as Director of Communication for the Anglican Communion, he traveled the globe, finding Nicholas everywhere. This allowed him to visit St. Nicholas churches, shrines and sites, gathering resources, on every continent. His information, experience, and hundreds of photographs greatly enrich the site.

www.stnicholascenter.org has grown beyond our wildest expectations in both content and activity. Each year we have a million visits from folks in at least 155 countries. The site generates voluminous correspondence and Carol strives to reply to all inquiries and comments.

As a saint, Nicholas is a pattern for faithful living. As a cultural icon, he reaches beyond the church into the culture. Discovering the truth about Santa Claus—a person of faith whose love for God led to concern for the needy and vulnerable—can assist those searching for more meaning in the often stressful and frantic holiday seasons. St. Nicholas helps us all to focus beyond ourselves.

Enjoy StNicholasCenter.org—and do join in spreading the word about St. Nicholas. Thank you!

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St. Nicholas Center • 109 West 12th Street • Holland, MI 49423 • USA

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