Anna Maria Di Terlizzi

Artist in Bari, Italy

AnnaMaria Di Terlizzi is a versatile, eclectic artist who works in a large variety of media. San Nicola, the patron saint of Bari, is a favored subject. She sculpts in bronze, resin, collage, wood and ceramic. She also does two-dimensional work in paintings and block prints. Puppets are even part of the repertoire. Here is a sampling of her work as seen primarily in her Bari studio. Ms. di Terlizzi has served on the faculty of the Istituto Statle d'Arte.

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Bronze relief commemorating the 900th anniversary of the Translation of the Relics of St. Nicholas to Bari, Italy (1087 – 1987)

Three panel bronze relief

The first construction of wood and ceramic is in the St. Nicholas Center large traveling exhibit. The second is part of a series of large contemporary interpretations of the saints. Next is a sculpture chair; last, a lamp.

Slab ceramic construction with wood
Mixed media scupture
Wood figure chair
Acrylic triangle figure

Two bronze statues, both from 1987

St Nicholas with three gold balls
St Nicholas with three gold balls
Round bronze relief
Terra cotta disc with bronze figure
Round bronze relief

Left: painting in St. Nicholas Center travelling exhibit; Center: tile; Right: linoleum block print

Nicholas going to the horizon
San Nicola on rooster
San Nicola di Bari

Left: collage; paintings center & right

Silhouettes of St Nicholas and girl
S. Nicolaus approaching horizon with shadow
Nicholas translation from Myra to Bari

Puppets for St. Nicholas puppet play, with a cast of eight

St Nicholas with three children
The whole cast, 8 puppets


Anna Maria Di Terlizzi

Photos: C Myers, St. Nicholas Center

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