December 6th ~ St. Nicholas Day

December 19th if following the Julian Calendar

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in many ways—the stately bishop may lead a town parade, be commemorated in saint's day worship, visit schools, hospitals and homes or provide the focus for a party, come in secret under cover of night to leave sweet treats and small gifts for children. St. Nicholas Day may be the primary gift-giving day for some Orthodox Christians, particularly those in Ukrainian and Serbian Orthodox churches following the Julian Calendar. This leaves Christmas for reflection, church, and time with family.
Decorated vehicle
Castricum, the Netherlands
Photo: P Van Trigt
Gifts brought to worship
St. Nicholas Day Worship
Sint-Nicolaaskerk, Sint Niklaas, Belgium
Photo: G Vandenheide
Saint with pupil
School Visit
St. Hilary School
Fairlawn, Ohio
St Nicholas with Angel
Under Cover of Night
Postcard, Belgium
St Nicholas Center Collection

However he comes, Saint Nicholas reminds us that giving is more important than receiving, and doing for others is the faithful way to live.

Long live St. Nicholas!

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