Advent Calendar for Grown-ups

by Paul Bommer

DECEMBER 24 Nativity

Illustration by Paul Bommer
Used by permission

Not much to say here: We all know the story, pretty much.

Advent Calendars traditionally end on Christmas Eve (as does Advent itself, as all the magic takes place to-day, this very night) and usually features the Nativity. A family scene, a sense of peace and calm, and mystery and magic—we can relate to that, Christian or not.

And so that's it, for now. I hope you have all enjoyed my Advent Calendar—I have certainly enjoyed creating it. A big thank you to all those who offered support, words of encouragement, suggestions and praise—I have really appreciated all the feedback. Keep it coming!

Ok, I'm off for a glass or two of something sparkling and a lie-down.

Merry Christmas, One and All!
Paul B x

From Paul Bommer: Illustration, design & Print-making. Used by permission.

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