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Saint Nicholas
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Columbus, Ohio
Photo: J Rosenthal
Who are you waiting for? Santa? St. Nicholas? Jesus?
Advent Biblical reflection for youth or adults
The Real St. Nick: Leader, Legend or Lie
25-minute video from Lutheran Hour Men's Ministries, with study discussion guide
What About Santa? An Adult Discussion Guide
from Alternatives
The Spirit of St. Nicholas
Reflection with discussion questions
Booklet cover
From the Holly Jolly to the Holy: Reclaiming the Sacred during Advent and Christmas by Jim Rosenthal

Let St. Nicholas help recover the joy and holiness of Advent & Christmas. Adult devotional booklet with scripture and reflection for all the days of Advent and Christmas; St. Nicholas shows how to live with true Christian compassion and generosity while leading to the Bethlehem manger. Purchase Kindle from

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Saint Nicholas: Simple introductory video

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