St. Nicholas Cards to Make

with Stickers and Stamps

Designed by Rosie Willis
St Matthew's Anglican Church, London, England

Red card with sticker
Click for larger images
Gold and blue card with stamped design

Materials for all cards

Card stock, red or gold
Art paper, gold or blue, crisp finish, origami or nice texture (scrapbooking supplies are a good place to look)
Liner paper, optional
Envelopes, A-6 (6½" x4¾") or C-6 (6 3/8" x 4½")
Dry film adhesive, such as Tombo MonoAdhesive or Liquid Paper Dry Line
Paper cutter or trimmer
Bone folder, optional

Sticker Card

St Nicholas Stickers
Adhesive trim

Rubber Stamp Card

St. Nicholas Full Figure Rubber Stamp
Stamp pad
Gold embossing powder
Embossing heat tool


  1. Choose envelope size first
  2. Cut cardstock to fit envelopes (6¼" x 9" for A-6; 5¾" x 8¼" for C-6)
  3. Fold cardstock in half, using a bone folder gives a nice edge
  4. Cut rectangles from art paper, to mount design
         2½" x 3¾" for stickers
         2 3/8" x 3¾" for stamped design
  5. Center sticker on gold rectangle or
    stamp image in center of rectangle
    • apply gold embossing powder, covering entire design
    • tap edge to remove excess powder
    • affix powder with embossing heat tool
  6. Apply dry adhesive to the back of the design piece, along all sides
  7. Center design on cardstock, press in place
  8. Place adhesive trim around sticker design piece (see picture), if desired
  9. ) If using a liner, cut paper ½-inch smaller than cardstock, fold in half, place dry adhesive to the right of inside fold, press in place.

Designs: special thanks to Rosie Willis, St Matthew's Anglican Church, Westminster, London, England UK.

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