St. Nicholas Snowflake Ornaments

Designed by Pat Borek

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Parish, Everson, Pennsylvania

Snowflake ornaments with St Nicholas pictures
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  • Plastic glitter snowflake ornaments, 4-inch (inexpensive ones are available in season)
  • White cover stock, suitable for color printing (Hammermill 67-lb Bristol Cover)
  • Laminating sheets, optional—helps minimize curling
  • Print St. Nicholas images see below for multiple image PDFs
  • Aleene's Tacky Glue or fabric glue minimize curling
  • DecorArt Craft Twinkles, brush-on crystal glitter paint or white crystal glitter
  • Paper cutter or trimmer
  • Small paintbrush for glitter paint


  1. Download PDF and print needed St. Nicholas images
  2. Laminate printed sheets, if desired
  3. Cut out images, using a paper cutter
  4. Glue image in center of glitter snowflake, make sure there is glue on the corners
  5. Add glitter to edge of image by applying a bead of crystal glitter paint or putting a bead of tacky glue around the edge and sprinkling with crystal glitter
    (if using glitter paint, let dry and apply a second coat)
  6. Attach a loop to hang if snowflakes didn't come with one

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Special thanks to Pat Borek, St Joseph's Roman Catholic Parish, Everson, Pennsylvania

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