N is for Nicholas!

Ornament Cards

Make N is for Nicholas ornament cards with eight different images. The letters may be decorated with three gold balls, the most widely recognized symbol for Saint Nicholas.

N card
Large Letter Ornament Cards


  • Wooden "N" letters
    large 4¼ x 4 1/8 inches
    or small 1¾ x 1¼ inches
  • I used Craft it with Wood letters by Tree House Studio from Hobby Lobby, the large letters were 2/99¢, small 4/77¢. If you need a quantity for a group project they may need to be ordered. When I was getting supplies the other craft stores were out of "N".
  • Saint Nicholas pictures
  • pdf N cards
    PDF with 8 images to use with large letters
    pdf N cards
    PDF with 8 images to use with small letters
  • Cover or cardstock for color printing
    hp Brochure Paper 180g, 48 lb, gave good clear bright results; Wausau Exact Vellum Bristol did well, but not as bright
  • Cold laminating sheets
    Laminating cards on both sides makes them stiffer more durable
  • Acrylic paint
  • I used 2-oz bottles of Ceramcoat in Crimson, Bright Red, Liberty Blue, Christmas Green and Antique Rose
  • Gold stickers ½-round for large letters or ¼-inch round for small letters or gold posterboard
  • Narrow ribbon or cord
N card
N card


  • Paper cutter
  • Paint brushes ¾-inch for large letters, 3/8-inch for small
  • Wax paper
  • ½-inch or ¼-inch punch to make circles, if not using stickers
    Paper Shapers has a ½-inch circle punch
  • Small punch to make holes for hanging
  • Glue or adhesive


  1. Print as many copies of the Saint Nicholas images as needed
  2. Laminate cards before cutting apart
  3. Paint wooden letters with acrylic paint, put on wax paper to dry
    Acrylic paint dries in 15 minutes, a bit longer if it is thicker in the narrow places
    Two coats gives a good finish, especially needed with green

    When dry, smooth off any extra paint bits from the edges
  4. Decorate letters with three gold balls for Saint Nicholas, using stickers or gold circles punched out from gold posterboard
  5. Glue letters onto cards
  6. Punch holes and insert ribbon or cord to hang ornaments
N card
N card
N card
N card
N card

Small letter ornaments

N card
N card
N card
N card
N card
N card
N card

N is for Nicholas!

Ornaments, of course, may be made for other saints as well.

Adapted from "Advent Saints Christmas Tree Ornaments, Under Her Starry Mantle.

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