Decorate St Nicholas Graham Crackers or Cookies

Using Rubber Stamps and Food Color

St Nicholas Crackers

Use the Saint Nicholas rubber stamps available in our shop to decorate cookies or graham crackers with Saint Nicholas' image. This activity is suitable for an adult or older children, 6th grade and up. If doing it with young people, stamp the designs on the edible wafers ahead of time, as it is a bit tedious (your technique will improve with practice!) and the designs take too long to dry during one activity session.


  • Graham crackers or cookies
    Pierniki or other traditional European cookies may be rolled-out and baked before decorating
    Keebler Grahams are flat and scored to break leaving three in a row
  • Red Wilton's Brush-On Color (edible decorating color)
  • One of the following:***
    Edible wafer paper
    Frosting Sheets
    Rolled Fondant
  • Easy Creamy Icing, or another simple powdered sugar icing see below
  • Red, green and white jimmies sprinkles or other decorations

Steps for decorating
Photo: Pat Borek


  • Flat dish or brush for edible color
  • Paper towel
  • Confectioners sugar, if using rolled fondant
  • Scissors
  • Fondant rolling pin, if using fondant
  • Shallow bowl for sprinkles, wide enough for long side of cookie
  • Small knife, or implement to push down edges
Dish stamp pad
Edible color stamp 'pad'


  1. Prepare graham crackers by breaking off one section, leaving three for the full-figured design, or, for the icon stamp, break in half for a square.
  2. Put a small amount of the edible color in the small flat dish. Spread it to cover an area a little larger than the stamp you are going to use. Cut a piece of paper towel large enough to cover the color to make a "stamp pad." I found this method quicker than a brush, and the designs were sharper and more detailed.
  3. If using fondant, roll a small amount out with a smooth non-stick fondant roller, on a surface sprinkled with powered sugar. Roll until about ⅛-inch thick. The surface needs to be completely smooth. Any visible powdered sugar, after rolling, may be lightly brushed off.
  4. Stamp the design, pressing evenly so the whole design prints. With the full-figure stamp I could get two good images before re-inking. The icon stamp gave better results if re-inked each tim. Press lightly on fondant, or the stamp will impress, losing design definition. If using edible wafers, stamp on the smooth side.
  5. Allow several hours, at least, or overnight, for the designs to dry thoroughly.
  6. Carefully cut out designs, cut right next to the color to avoid unattractive edges.
  7. Prepare Easy Creamy Icing
    Blend 1 cup sifted confectioners' sugar, ¼ teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon vanilla or other flavoring and about 1 tablespoon water or 1½ tablespoon milk or cream to make easy to spread. Add more liquid or sugar to get proper consistency to spread smoothly. Double, triple, or more, these quantities depending on the number of cookies you are making. This is only enough for a very few.
  8. For each cookie, spread icing carefully over entire top surface. Dip edges about ¼-inch into jimmies sprinkles. Set on rack or waxed paper.
  9. Immediately place cut out design on wet icing. A small knife may be used to lightly tap edges into place.
  10. Let dry. Enjoy!

***Sources for edible supplies

  • Wilton White Sugar Sheets Edible Decorating Paper One 8x11 sheet for $5,20.
  • Supreme Icing Sheets These full sheets (8½x11 inches) make the sharpest image and lie flat. They are more expensive, 24 sheets/$27.
  • Wilton Ready-To-Use Pure White Rolled Fondant Available wherever Wilton cake decorating products are sold. A little slower drying, lies flat. Fondant is a bit trickier to cut out, as it will stretch if not held carefully.
  • Edible Rice and Wafer Paper is the most inexpensive (50 sheets 9x12.6). Rice paper has a tendency for the edges and corners to curl.

Idea sent by Pat Borek, D.R.E., St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Parish, Everson, Pennsylvania. Used by permission.