St. Nicholas Paper Bag Puppet

designed by Lacy Rabideau, Catholic Icing

St. Nicholas Paper Bag Puppet
St. Nicholas Paper Bag Puppet
Pattern pdf


  • Paper lunch bags (standard size, 10½ x 5¼-inches)
  • Pattern templates
  • Cardstock
  • Red, white and yellow construction paper
  • Skin-toned paper or manilla file folders
  • Googly or wiggle eyes, 12-millimeters, optional
  • White felt for hair & beard, optional
  • Gold chenille stem for crozier, optional


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black marker, narrow
  • Dry roll-on adhesive or glue stick
  • Glue dots, optional


  1. Print pattern templates pdf on cardstock
  2. Cut-out template pieces
  3. Use pencil to draw around templates on construction paper: head on skin-tone, beard and hair on white, robe and miter on red, crozier and cross on yellow (red robe piece may be a strip 5¼ x 9-inches)
  4. Cut-out pattern pieces
  5. Glue face circle onto bag flap (keeping glue on flap only)
  6. Glue hair and beard to face circle
  7. Glue miter over hair
  8. Use glue dots to attach googly eyes, if using, or
  9. Use marker to make mouth (and eyes, if not using googly eyes)
  10. Glue cross and staff in place

ebook cover
From How to Make Saint Puppets by Lacy Rabideau © Catholic Icing. Used by permission.
How to Make Saint Puppets has over 50 printable templates to be used in different combinations to make nearly any saint you can think of!
Available for purchase from Catholic Icing.

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