St. Nicholas Prayer Card Banners

Use our prayer cards to make attractive banners. Prayer cards are available in our shop.

Red ribbon banners
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  • Prayer cards (4 designs in our shop)
  • 4-inch wide wired red velvet ribbon, 10-inch length for each banner
  • Narrow red ribbon for hanger (10-inch lengths) and to attach bells (5-inch lengths)
  • Bamboo skewers, cut to 5-inch lengths (cut off the pointed end)
  • Gold bells or tassels


  • Tacky Glue or Fast Grab Tacky Glue
  • Scissors to snip ribbon


  1. Fold bottom end of ribbon to make a point (with ribbon wrong-side-up, bring the outside corners together, forming a point); press firmly
  2. Fold top edge down about ¾-inch, press firmly
  3. If using a bell, thread it on a short piece of ribbon
  4. Put glue on ribbon flaps and a blob in the center to hold the bell or tassel
  5. Press the flaps in place, with the tassel loop, or bell's ribbbon in the center
  6. Put bamboo skewer piece under the fold at the top
  7. Glue top flap down
  8. Let dry (it may help to place an object on the glued areas to hold them in place)
  9. Glue card in place and let dry
  10. Tie ribbon to skewer ends, forming hanger; trim

Special thanks to Lara Oliver, St. Elizabeth Orthodox Christian Church, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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