St. Nicholas Candy Bar Wrappers

These cute wrappers are sized for three different candy bar sizes: Hershey Snack bars, Hershey Full size bars, and other specialty bars. The snack bars will stand up (the paper is also too bulky to fold up the bottom end). Most larger bars do not stand up, though the Choceur 1.4 oz bars will.

St. Nicholas could hand these out or they could make cute table decorations.

Wrappers for sustainably produced, child-slave-free chocolate bars available in the US 

Wrappers for UK Cadbury Dairy Milk bars

St Nicholas Candy Bar Wrappers
Hershey Snack Bars
St Nicholas Candy Bar Wrappers
Hershey Full Size Bars
St Nicholas Candy Bar Wrappers
Specialty Bars: Lindt Milk Chocolate & Lindt Milk Pistachio Filled & Dove Dark Chocolate 3.3 oz


  • Candy bars of your choice
    Snack size Hershey bars: 1 x 2 5/8-inch (.45 ounce)
    Full size Hershey bars: 2 1/4 x 5 1/2-inches (1.45 ounces)
    Specialty: Lindt bars: 3 x 6 1/4-inches (4.4 & 3.5 ounces) or Dove Dark Chocolate bars: 2 3/4 x 6-inches (3.30 ounces)
  • Print wrapper PDFs (below) to fit bars; for good color use bright white inkjet paper
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Tape


  • Cut out printed rectangles
  • If candy bar has "loose ends" (like Hershey's do), fold ends down snugly, tape to bar
  • Put printed piece right side down
  • Put flat side of candy bar down on the back of printed piece
    For snack sized bars, place just above the bottom edge
    For larger bars, place bar about an inch from the bottom edge
  • Bring sides to the back; turn over to check that design is centered
  • Make sure head design matches up on the back; tape in the middle
  • Fold up bottom end, secure with tape
  • With front facing you, fold a triangle down on each side to form miter
  • Secure with small piece of tape
pdf image
PDF for snack bars
pdf image
PDF for full size bars
pdf image
PDF for specialty bars
Hershey bar, finished wrappers
Hershey bar with taped ends;
Back & front of finished wrapper
St Nicholas candy bar wrappers
All three sizes of finished bars

Chocolate bars, available in the US, made with cocoa that is certified child slave labor free and sustainably produced:

Choceur St Nicholas bars
Use Utz certified Choceur bars, from Aldi's; decorate with Choceur chocolate bears, if desired (if decorations are added, the bars will not stand)
PDF to fit Choceur 1.4 oz. bars(1 7/8 x 4 1/4 inches)
Standing Choceur St Nicholas bars
The Choceur bars will stand if bar is placed 3/8" from the bottom of wrapper and taped together snugly at the back—if you want to fold the bottom instead, leave some of the white at the bottom when cutting wrapper out
Dove St Nicholas bar
Rainforest Alliance Certified Dove Dark Chocolate 3.30 oz. bar (2 3/4 x 6 inches)
Use PDF for specialty bars

How Sinterklaas helped bring slave free chocolate to the Netherlands

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