Holy, good St. Nicholas

Belgian Postcard
St. Nicholas Center Collection
Holy, good St. Nicholas, posters we will paint
Got to tell the whole wide world that you are a saint!
As a bishop, in your life, wonders never ceased
From your childhood Jesus called you to be a priest!
Holy, good St. Nicholas, Christmas makes us pause
Will we see you at the mall, dressed as "Santa Claus?"
Is not love the perfect gift Jesus gives for free
So who needs computer games in eternity?
Holy good St. Nicholas, how you intercede
praying for the little ones, children all in need . . .
When we give with gen'rous hearts all the poor are blessed
We love you, St. Nicholas, we think you're the best!

Text: Bill Quinlivan © 2008
Tune: TRADITIONAL Jolly Old St. Nicholas

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Mp3 file courtesy of Fr. Bill Quinlivan, frbillsings.com copyright © 2008, used by permission.

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