Baking with Cookie Molds

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by Anne E. Watson

Baking with Cookie Molds is the definitive book on using all kinds of molds for cookies—traditional speculaas cookie boards (cavity molds), springerle molds and cookie stamps (impression molds, pressed on dough), and pan molds of metal or pottery that can be baked with the cookie dough inside.

The book has comprehensive information on molds—choosing them and what to avoid—and how to care for different kinds of boards and molds.

A lot of information tells how to successfully mold cookies. One particular tip is to use a mixture of sweetener, 50% sugar and 50% honey or other liquid sweetener. Historically honey was used for molded cookies, and still is in many places. Cookies with at least 50% liquid sweetener are easier to unmold than cookies made with all sugar.

(N.B. I'll confess that I've not had difficulty with all-sugar dough and I find banging the board to drop the cookie onto the baking sheet very satisfying. However, this traditional method isn't for everyone!)

Baking with Cookie Molds has over twenty delicious-sounding recipes for molded and stamped cookies. Danish Butter Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, Banana Walnut Cookies, White Chocolate Lime Cookies, Perfection Springerle, two Scottish shortbread variations, Walnut Lebkuchen, and Cinnamon Cocoa Speculaas are among the offerings.

The author has very generously allowed us to include this material, excerpted from the book, on This is a wonderful introduction, but there is so much more in the book—it is well worth adding to your library!
How I Started
History of Cookie Molds, told by St. Nicholas
Three recipes:
     Apricot Jam Cookies
     Honey Almond Cookies
     Creamy Coconut Cookies


Book cover

Baking with Cookie Molds, by Anne L. Watson, Shepard Publications, 2010, 2018.

Recipes and technique to successfully make beautiful molded cookies—especially St. Nicholas, of course! Up-dated expanded and full color edition.

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Book cover

Cookie Molds Around the Year: An Almanac of Molds, Cookies, and Other Treats for Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Other Holidays, and Every Season, by Anne L. Watson, Next River Books, 2017.

More recipes, more tips, and more beautiful photos of molded cookies for every occasion. A good companion and expansion to Baking with Cookie Molds.

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From Anne L. Watson, Baking with Cookie Molds, Shepard Publications, 2010, 2018. Used by permission.

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