St. Nicholas Discussion & Activity Guide

By Marie Paul Curley, FSP

Maxicard Liechtenstein
Saint Nicholas, Maxicard, Liechtenstein, 1981
St Nicholas Center Collection

Themes: Kindness, Christmas


In the fourth century, a young man named Nicholas became the bishop of Myra. Before and after he became a bishop, Nicholas always tried to help others.
St. Nicholas is best known for his love for children.

Words to Know

Bishop—a leader of the Church with and under the Pope

Discussion Questions

  1. When St. Nicholas knew someone needed help, he tried to do something about it. Can you think of someone you know who needs help? What can you do for this person?
  2. Can you think of anybody like Nicholas living today?
  3. What were some of the wonderful things St. Nicholas did to help other people? Why do you think he did these things? How can you bring the spirit of Nicholas into Christmas this year?
Wendy Edelman illus
Wendy Edelman illustration, A Baker's Dozen Used by permission

Follow-up Activities

  1.  Ask the pastor or other member of the pastoral staff for a list of names of those who are unable to come to Mass and who are visited in their homes by a priest or eucharistic minister. Have the children make cards, write letters, draw pictures, or make artificial flowers to send to each person on the list.
  2. Ask the children to draw a picture of one way they can help others.
  3. Make a collage entitled "The Spirit of St. Nicholas." Ask the children to look through old magazines and cut out pictures of people being kind to each other. Paste the pictures on a large poster and hang the poster up in the classroom.

From Saints for Kids Vol. II Discussion and Activity Guide, by Marie Paul Curley, FSP, Copyright © 1998, Daughters of St. Paul. Used by permission of Pauline Books & Media, 50 St. Paul's Avenue, Boston, MA 02130. All rights reserved. This video has a four minute segment on St. Nicholas. Highly recommended.

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