St. Nicholas

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St Nicholas with Nativity cast
St Nicholas Nativity Pageant
St. George's Episcopal Church,Newburgh, New York


St. Nicholas Pageant
by Deborah Dresser, St. George's Episcopal Church, Newburgh, New York
Tells both the St. Nicholas and nativity stories, making the connection between St. Nicholas and Jesus

A Visit from St. ???

by Joy Rogers, St. James Cathedral, Chicago
John the Baptist and St. Nicholas prepare the way of the Lord for the 2nd Sunday in Advent

Nicholas: A Garland of Tales for the Nights before Christmas

adapted from Pamela Grenfell Smith
Simple chancel drama tells the story of St. Nicholas, including some of the less familiar stories

Tres Filiae (Three Daughters): A Miracle Play of St. Nicholas
by Kathryn Lucchese
Simple dramatization with broad humor for classroom or church use

A Miracle Play: Being the Life and Times of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra
by Craig Bertolet, for St. Dunstans's the Episcopal Church at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama
Miracle play with sophisticated broad humor in a contemporary setting; ideal for high school or college age young people

Four St. Nicholas Vignettes
by Linda Funk, St. Vincent of Lerins Orthodox Church, Saskatoon, Canada
Simple dramatization for children, especially for St. Nicholas celebrations; perform as one-act plays, or together for a 2 or 3 act play
      St. Nicholas: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
      St. Nicholas: Chosen as Archbishop
      Where was Nicholas?
      Saved from Shipwreck

A Boy Named Nick, a Trek from Constantinople
by Christina VanRegenmorter & the First Day School, Nashville Friends Meeting
     Simple drama with simple props to introduce St. Nicholas and giving

A St. Nicolas Play: A Chancel Drama
from St. Nicholas Church, Stanningfield Parish, United Kingdom
     Very short, simple introduction to St. Nicolas

Saint Nicholas: A Puppet Play
by Virginia Stevens, from ALTERNATIVES
Version of the dowry story using puppets or actors

The Miracle of St. Nicholas
translated from French, St. Patrick's Primary School, London
     Simple classroom dramatization of traditional French song about the three children and the butcher

The Legend of St. Nicolas
English translation of traditional French song by Barbara MacArthur
     With simple dramatization for classroom use

Three Daughters: A St. Nicholas Story
retold by John Coakley, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Narrator tells story while actors pantomime action

Three Scholars: Another Nicholas Story
retold by John Coakley, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, New Jersey
A refreshing twist to this tale; narrator tells story while actors pantomine action

St. Nicholas and the Sea: Another Nicholas Story
retold by E. J. Emerson, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, New Jersey
A broad telling in the spirit of a miracle play

Three Medieval Miracle Plays
From Representative Medieval and Tudor Plays translated and edited by Henry W. Wells and Roger S. Loomis
     The Miracle of Saint Nicholas and the Schoolboys
     The Miracle of Saint Nicholas and the Virgins
     The Miracle of Saint Nicholas and the Image

St. Nicholas: A Melodrama
by Paul E. Cosby, St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Birmingham, Alabama
Humorous telling of the dowry story

When St. Nicholas Comes
Adapted from The Little Delineator, January 1926
Dutch Sinterklaas tradition for a classroom setting

Who Is St. Nicholas? Junior Primary Play
St. Nicholas Diocesan School, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa
Answers question particularly for schools, etc., named for St. Nicholas

Miracle Plays: Seven Medieval Plays for Modern Players
by Anne Malcomson, Houghton Mifflin, 1956, 1959
This fine resource has two Saint Nicholas medieval miracle plays translated and intended for young people: Saint Nicholas and the Three Scholars and the less familiar, Statue of Saint Nicholas, where the statue of St. Nicholas catches a band of robbers and punishes them. Out-of-print, it is well worth a trip to the library or a search of the used-book market.

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The Bakers' Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale, retold by Aaron Shephard, adapted for reader's theater by the author, from the picture book published by Atheneum, New York, 1995. Reading level is for grades 3-7 with 7-11 + readers age 6+; time, 6 minutes. Script may be freely copied, shared, and performed for any educational, noncommercial purpose.

One-Person Presentations
Two-Person Dialogues
Other Dramatizations
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