St. Nicholas Stories from Mount Athos

The various books and records of the Grigoriou Monastery contain countless miracles of St. Nicholas. Many times St. Nicholas protected the Monastery from sure destruction by fire, saved monks who had fallen down steep cliffs, and saved boats and ships from certain shipwreck.

In the Katholicon of the Monastery, from the great ring above the chandelier, there hangs a silver model of a schooner. It represents a schooner that had come to the Monastery to pick up a load of lumber. The sea was so heavy the ship was in danger of foundering. As soon as the sailors called on St. Nicholas, the tempest was stilled and, beyond hope, they were saved from certain death.

Elder Athanasios gave the following advice to his successor Abbot, "The Abbot must be very charitable, as was St. Nicholas, and must assist all who come to the Monastery asking for help. God will never forsake anyone, but will provide so that nothing is lacking."

St Nicholas Icon
Saint Nicholas, 1290, by Manuel Panselinos
Protaton Church, Karyes, Mount Athos
Photo: Eikastikon
Feeding the Athonite Fathers,
during the Fascist occupation
Miracle at Mount Athos 
a special visitor comes to Gregoriou Monastery; another account of the above story
Trust Rewarded
told by Elder Paisios the Hagiorite
Shipwreck Averted 
monks in danger
Saint Nicholas of the Oyster
Stavronikita Monastery, 1553
Nicholas Will Provide 
will there be fish for the festival?
Oil Does Not Fail 
A miracle of generosity
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