Holy Relics of Saint Nicholas Come to Piraeus

The people of Piraeus receive the holy relics of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of the seas, with great honor joy, and respect. The relics have been loaned from the Monastery of Saint Nicholas on Andros.

The Bishop of Andros and the Abbot of the Monastery of Saint Nicholas, Apikia, Andros, bring the relics by sea to Piraeus. The Coast Guard vessel Agios Efstratios brought the party of the Metropolitan of Syros, Tinos, Andros, Kea, Milos and Mykonos, other prelates and the relics.

The Metropolitan of Piraeus greeted the ecclesiastical party at the port, welcoming them to Piraeus.

Then the clergy and the faithful went in procession to the Church of St. Nicholas in Piraeus.

After the relics were placed in the church, the Bishop of Syros prayed the blessing of Saint Nicholas on the seas, to calm them; on captains, to show them safe harbors. He also prayed for the Saint's guidance to steer the country through its storms and tempests, bringing it at last to safe harbor.

The holy relics were in Piraeus from November 25 until Decemeber 7, 2011.

Photos: Stathis Tsimouris, Synodoiporos. Used by permission.

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