Siggiewi Festival Bands

Siggiewi, Malta

Banda San Nikola logo, founded in 1883

Banda San Nikola

The first Siggiewi band club, Banda San Nikola, was formed in 1883. The purpose was and is to teach music to children and young people. At first the band played in the streets for the annual Siggiewi festival of St. Nicholas in June, at Christmas, and for the community chest. Marching through the streets, the band would stop at homes to collect money for charities as well as support for the band itself. The band provides much of the color and festive atmosphere for the large Siggiewi St. Nicholas festival.

Innu lil San Nikola offical anthem, Banda San Nikola

Innu lil San Nikola Kantat official anthem, vocal, Banda San Nikola Youth Section
Marching band
Banda San Nikola marching at Sunday morning of the festival
Photo: Keith Desira Used by permission
Red and yellow umbrellas
Village square during Sunday morning march; the four patterned umbrellas shade the bandsmen
Photo: Keith Desira Used by permission

Over time other religious festival street processions were added to the band's schedule: St. Joseph, Santa Maria, Our Lady of Providence, Maundy Thursday and the winter St. Nicholas festival.

Brightly decorated club
San Nikola Banda club decorated for the feast
Photo: Keith Desira Used by permission

The club moved to its current location on St. Nicholas Square in 1993. The Youth Section was formed in 1997.

Band playing on bandstand
Banda San Nikola final festival concert Saturday night
Photo: Keith Desira Used by permission
Miter with crozier, ribbon
Banda San Nikola Youth Section logo
Image: Banda San Nikola

Siggiewi Festival Brass Band

Siggiewi Festival Brass Band logo, founded in 1986

The Siggiewi Festival Brass Band and Social Club was founded in 1986. The band was the very first band in Malta to have just brass instruments. It, like the Banda San Nikola, has a large role in Siggiewi festivals.

Siggiewi June Festival Photos 
Siggiewi December Festival


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