Siggiewi Festival Photos

The spectacular four-day St. Nicholas festival is held Thursday through Sunday, ending on the last Sunday in June. The whole village is brightly decorated. St. Nicholas is the patron saint of Siggiewi. Click for larger images.

The statue of San Nikola in the village square in front of the Church of San Nikola

St Nicholas Statue
St Nicholas statue in front of church
St Nicholas statue at night
Church statue processing in square

Festival scenes around Siggiewi

Float with large miter
Banda San Nikola stall
San Nikola on crate
St. Nicholas Pharmacy

The Church of San Nikola decorated for the festival—beautiful by day, spectacularly lighted by night

Church decorated with greens
Red and yellow balloons in front of church
Lighted church at night
Lighted Church
Church in day time
Church at night

The statue of San Nikola comes out of the church to be carried in procession

Statue in church
Cupid with three gold bags
Cupid on statue base
Statue coming out of church
Statue processing
Statue in front of cathedral
Statue outside at night
Statue in square

More festive scenes in the crowded plaza, banners decorate many buildings

Float with large miter
Float with large miter
Float with large miter
Float with large miter
Float with large miter

Siggiewi Festival Bands
Siggiewi December Festival

Photos: J M Rosenthal (St. Nicholas Society), Kenneth Mifsud; David Vassallo, Keith Desira, Jesmond Darmanin, Silvio Vella, and Joseph Borg, used by permission

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