St Nicholas Icon in International Controversy

18th century icon at the center of investigation

This small gilded icon, believed to be about 300 years old, has found itself to be in the center of a diplomatic snafu.

The co-chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia & Herzegovina gave the icon to the Russian Foreign Minister when he was on working visit to Sarajevo.

The icon had originally come from Luhansk, Ukraine, and has an official Ukrainian government seal indicating that it belonged to the Ukrainian government and is part of Ukraine's cultural heritage. It's been announced that the icon was taken to Bosnia & Herzegovina by Serbian veterans when the area around Luhansk was occupied by separatists and the Russian army, aided by Serbian military. The icon was then given in 2018 to the current chairman of the Presidium of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik. 

It has now been returned to the Bosnian & Herzegovinian embassy in Moscow. Ukraine is asking that the icon be returned for examination and is willing to cooperate with Bosnia & Herzegovina to determine accurate provenance. 


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