Simple St. Nicholas Presentation

This simple appearance could be a part of a larger Advent event with opening worship, introduction of Advent traditions, a craft/activity time and refreshments.

St Nicholas
St. Nicholas visits Episcopal churches in Nebraska
Photo: Wes Agar


Fifteen minutes (during latter part of refreshment time)


Church hall


One older man to represent St. Nicholas. Since he represents the continuing love of God for his people, it is wise to have a man who is admired and respected by the church school children.


The coordinator purchases the candy coins, arranges for the creation of a miter and gold sack, and arranges for the use or the making of a cope.


St. Nicholas is not seen until after refreshments are served. Then, quietly, he enters the hall. He moves slowly around the room placing candy coins in the hands of the children.


Cope: If a cope is not available, a full cut ankle length cape can be made in a bright color.

Sack: A small bag with a drawstring is made from gold colored cloth. In this, St. Nicholas carries the candy coins for distribution.

Miter: A miter is fashioned from one piece of poster board and sprayed with gold or silver paint. A red cross is fixed to the front and cloth tabs attached to the back (see sketch below).

Introduction to St. Nicholas

(by Worship Leader)
You may remember that at the beginning of this service I mentioned a celebration of the Feast of St. Nicholas. Every saint has a special day on which he is honored each year. December 6th is the special day for St. Nicholas.
St. Nicholas was a bishop. He lived around the year 300. St. Nicholas had a very strong faith in Jesus, and his love of God came through in everything that he did and said. He believed that one of the best ways to show love for God is to love people whom God also loves. His kindness for all people was shown in many ways. We are told that one thing he did was to search for people who were penniless and hungry. He would put gold coins into their hands so they could buy food.
In a few minutes, we will be leaving for the church hall where the second part of this Advent Event will take place. Since we are also celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas, don't be too surprised if you see someone who looks as if he might be that old Bishop giving out gold coins to those whom God loves.
Miter sketch

From An Advent Event: A Worship Service and Activity program for Teaching about Advent by Herbert and Margaret Skelly, Morehouse-Barlow Co. Inc., © 1973.

Complete program to introduce the Advent wreath, Jesse Tree and St. Nicholas.

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