Picture Your Child with Saint Nicholas

Children with St Nicholas
St. Nicholas with friends at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Greenville, Ohio
Used by permission

Are you tired of the hyped up, commercialized photos of kids and pets on Santa's lap? Are you annoyed with the charade of Santa asking kids what gizmo they want for Christmas?

Organize an event to counter the consumerism promoted by Santa Claus at the mall.

Invite families in your congregation and community to get their child/ren's picture taken with St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas is a model of generosity and of caring for others.

A complete plan might include:

A script for St. Nicholas that focuses on caring for others
A message on the finished photo that is simple, focusing on charity and justice rather than commercialism
Costume suggestions
Promotion ideas to attract the general public to your event
A take-home piece for parent/s (samples)
Ideas to make this event a fund-raiser for charity
Digital camera and printer on site or Polaroid camera

Script for St. Nick

Focus on generosity instead of greed, charity instead of stuff.
Instead of asking, "What do you want for Christmas?" ask:
"What do you want to happen at Christmas?"
"What do you want to celebrate at Christmas?"
"Whom do you want to be with at Christmas?"
"What are you doing for others this Christmas?"
Your St. Nick needs to be acquainted with the history of St. Nicholas so he can share bits with children (and adults) whenever possible.

To learn more about the story of Bishop Nicholas

Who is Saint Nicholas?
Saint Nicholas and the Origin of Santa
St. Nicholas Stories & Legends
Symbols for St. Nicholas
Saint Nicholas—Sharing the Gift
What About Santa: A Discussion Guide

Announcement, Bulletin Blurb, Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Picture Your Child/ren with St. Nicholas. The REAL Santa Claus will visit [name] Church on [days/dates] at [time]. The public is welcome. Your child/ren can speak to and be photographed with St. Nicholas. [Name] Church is located at [address]. Call [phone number] for more information. This event is designed for children age _-_. [Cost, refreshments, registration info]

Adapted from ALTERNATIVES for Simple Living Used by permission.
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