One Hour St. Nicholas Party

from Orchard Hill Church (RCA), Grand Rapids, Michigan

St. Nicholas Party Invitation

11:30 am — Arrival Activities

Welcome kids and invite them to leave their shoes at the door.
St. Nicholas Activities

11:40 am — Large Group

St Nicholas Puppet Play

11:45 am — Stations

Decorated Cookie
  1. Bishop Cookies — decorate & eat
  2. Draw St Nicholas — dice game
  3. Make and Decorate Miter Hats
  4. Gold Coin Toss into Chimney

12:15 pm — Transition

Choose a video
Who is Santa Claus? 5:45 minutes, excellent information
Introduction to St. Nicholas, 3:34 minutes
How is St Nicholas Different than Santa Claus? 2 minutes, complete text

Share: We have one last activity — St. Nicholas was known for his giving spirit and we want to take that into the season with us. Make boxes. What could we put in them and who could we give them to?

12:20 pm — Make a Giving Box

Chinese take-out boxes decorated with St. Nicholas stickers and more

12:30 pm — Large Group Wrap up

Exit: Kids Find Treats in Shoes

By Pastor Bob Karel, Orchard Hill Church (RCA), Grand Rapids, Michigan. Used by permission.

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