Folding Paper Miters

Make an origami-style St. Nicholas miter—size determined by the size of the paper square
Origami Miter


  • Light-weight, crisp red paper (we used Wausau Astrobright red, cut to 8½-inch squares—larger squares may be cut from gift wrap or fadeless paper
  • A 24-inch square makes a miter large enough to wear
  • Note: Construction paper is too thick to fold nicely, especially for small miter


  • Instruction sheets for each person
  • Gold embellishments: stickers (see sidebar for online sources), 3-D Scribbler paint, metallic gold marker, etc.


  • Print the step-by-step instruction sheet for each person
  • The red side represents the right side; the light side represents the wrong side of the paper
  • In step 5, fold the corners in at least one-inch for the small miter
  • If making a large miter to wear, the size is determined by how much the corners are folded in (step 5)
  • After folding the miter, decorate it with stickers, or cut-outs for a large miter (see below)
  • It is a little tricky at first, but once you've got it, they are simple to make
Origami Miters
Left to right:
1) Scribblers 3-D Paint Glittering Gold (this is not easy to use and takes a very long time to dry—not practical for children in group activities);
2) Dayspring sticker alone;
3) Dayspring sticker with 3-D paint;
4) Mrs. Grossman's cross stickers by the yard, sticker alone;
5) larger Mrs. Grossman's sticker with Pilot gold metallic marker

General Instruction PDF
Step-by-step Instructions PDF
Crosses for large miters, print on gold paper
These crosses may be easily cut apart for group use

Miter Crosses
Click for PDF
Miter Crosses
Click for PDF

Instructions may be printed for use with non-profit groups making art and craft projects. For all other uses, please request permission from