Bishop's Miter Napkin Fold

For a special table, fold napkins into bishop's miters. This fold works well with either cloth or paper napkins. A small clementine or tangerine fits underneath, or another small surprise. Having a round treat underneath helps the napkin keep its shape. Gold cross stickers add a special touch.

This fold is not as tricky as it looks!

Red miter napkin
Cloth Napkin
Red miter napkin
Paper Napkin

Folding Instructions

Fold 1
1. Place napkin wrong side up; fold in half, right side out
Fold 2
2. Fold corners to the center, as shown
Fold 3
3. Turn napkin over
Fold 4
4. Fold the bottom edge up to the top edge
Don't fold up the triangle that hangs down
Fold 5
5. Holding napkin at the top edge, turn it over;
another triangle will appear
Fold 6
6. Fold the right side over;
if paper, try not to crease fold too much
Fold 7
7. Tuck the triangle in
Fold 8
8. Turn the napkin over
Fold 9
9. Repeat folding the right side over and tuck it in
Fold 10
10. Stand the napkin up; put on sticker, if desired

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