St. Nicholas Miter Nut Cups

Miter design
Print colorful miter boxes

Fill these miter boxes with a small clementine, chocolate kisses, or other small treats and brighten a holiday table!

Print the colored nut cup pattern on white card stock or print the outline pattern on colored or white stock and decorate with markers or crayons.As this project requires precise cutting to make boxes that fit together properly, it isn't suitable for young children. Finished nut cups are 2 7/8 x 1 3/4 inches.


  • Card stock, either white or colored (if regular paper is used the tops of the miters will curl over)
  • Roll-on dry adhesive, such as Tombo Permanent Mono Adhesive
  • Markers or crayons, if needed
  • Stickers, if desired (see sidebar for online cross sticker sources)
Miter box
Color printing
Miter box
Colored paper with
Mrs. Grossman's sticker
Miter box
White with markers


  • Color or black and white printer
  • Scissors
  • Paper trimmer with scoring blade, optional
Miter box
White with crayon
Miter box
Red paper
Dayspring sticker
Miter box
Markers and sticker


  • Print chosen PDF files, as many copies as needed. Print either 1 or 2 to a page; 2-to-a-page saves paper, but requires more careful cutting and cutting them apart for group use may be a bit tedious.
  • If needed, color with markers or crayons and decorate with stickers.
  • Score all fold lines, making it much easier to have a well-fitting box. The Fiskars 12" Paper Trimmer is recommended, but the smaller 9" one is almost long enough, it may be used with extra care if you score the "glue" tab first and fold it under.
  • Crease all fold lines, the numbered tabs first, then the side creases.
  • Glue the "glue" tab to the other end, forming box sides (roll-on adhesive does not need drying time).
  • Fold tabs in numbered order: 1, 2, 3, 4, to form box bottom.

PDF files

PDF single colored file
Single colored file
PDF double colored file
Double colored file
PDF single outline file
Single outline file
PDF double outline file
Double outline file

Instructions PDF

• If you're having trouble downloading the file, right-click on the image above and choose "Save target as..." to save it. Then open the PDF with Adobe Reader (free from Adobe's website) and print it following the above tips.

Instructions may be printed for use with non-profit groups making art and craft projects. For all other uses, please request permission from

Tips for accurate PDF printing

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In the Adobe Print dialog box, check these boxes:

Check these two boxes: Auto-Rotate and Center & Choose Paper Source by PDF page size

For Adobe Reader 8.0
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For older versions

In the Adobe Print dialog box, make sure the boxes for Shrink oversized pages to paper size and Expand small pages to paper size are NOT checked. (In some versions the option is Page Scaling: NONE, click to find Fit to pages and Shrink large pages.)

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