St. Nicholas Coin Toss

Toss St. Nick's bags of coins down the chimney!

Paper chimney
Paper chimney
Money bags
Bag with lima beans

Suggested Rules

  • Ages 5 & younger: 3 tries to toss 1 bag in for a prize
  • Ages 6 & over: 3 tries to toss 2 bags in for a prize
  • Younger children stand closer; older children further away
  • Chocolate coins make a good prize

Other suggestions

  • Use a box for the chimney
  • Cover with brown wrapping paper; add construction paper "bricks"
  • To make bags: cut a circle of felt with pinking shears (use a dinner plate for pattern); fill with large dried lima beans (they feel like coins); fasten with rubber bands
  • Weight box/chimney with brick or heavy book to prevent tipping over

Variation I

Paint a fire place scene on a large piece of cardboard; attach a large Christmas stocking. Make a "window" out of a door with sheets for curtains. To play toss a small bag of coins "through the window" into the stocking (or through the square hole or even over the mantle—whatever it takes to win!) Give a St. Nicholas prayer card for the prize.

Painted scene
Painted fireplace scene
View through doorway
Doorway as "window" game set-up

Variation II

Toss coins "through the window." Create "window" on stairs; place cups and mugs on steps. Try to toss a coin into a mug or glass. If succesful, the mug or glass is the prize!

Paper chimney
Mugs on stairs
Game set-up on stairs

Idea from Waltzing Matilda. Photos from Waltzing Matilda and Shower of Roses. Permission pending.

Variations I & II from Melissa Foote, Work in Progress. Used by permission

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