St. Nicholas Bingo

Bingo Card
Bingo Card
Bingo Card
Click for PDF to print Bingo card blanks

Make cards to play St. Nicholas Bingo at a group event or as a family. There are 30 different symbols in our St. Nicholas Memory Game. These symbols may be used to make Bingo cards, reinforcing stories and symbols associated with St. Nicholas.

Card blanks and symbols should be prepared ahead. At the event individuals or families may make their own cards. Either one for each person, or one for a family.


  • Cardstock to print Bingo card blanks
  • Inkjet paper to print symbols
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors


  • Print blank Bingo cards on heavy stock
  • Print symbols sheets (PDF for symbol sheets)
    Important: To print smaller squares for Bingo cards, in your print menu, in the Page Scaling drop-down menu, choose "Multiple pages per sheet" Page Scaling: Multiple pages per sheet
    (four pages will print on the first page; one on the second—you will need all of them)
  • Each set of 4 cards needs 64 symbols; one copy = 60 symbols
    For 50 Bingo cards, print 14 copies of the symbols
  • Print one set of symbols on heavy stock to draw for game
  • Cut the symbol squares apart with a paper cutter and scissors

Event Directions

    • Prepared card blanks and symbol squares
    • Glue sticks or roll-on dry adhesive
    • Bingo markers (pennies, poker chips, poster board circles, etc.)
    • Container to hold symbols for drawing to announce during play
    • Prizes for winners (may be simple; perhaps, in the spirit of St. Nicholas, to be shared with table group)
    • Each child, person, family or group makes a Bingo card, selecting symbols to glue on the Bingo blank
      Talk about the symbols and stories while making the card
    • Choose 16 different symbols; no duplicates on a card
    • To play: the first person/group to fill one, two, three rows, or the whole card (depending on how you want to play) wins
      If you play for the whole card, one round may be enough

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