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The Christmas season can get very hectic and we often lose sense of what the season is really about. We're hosting a St. Nicholas Day party to help families and their children remember how the tradition of gift giving is reflected in the lives of our saints. Plan to come and invite your family, friends and neighbors with children to join us. This is one of the events where we especially encourage community members to attend, so spread the word. Gather at ____ on Saturday, December ____ for a fun afternoon at church!

Press Release

If you have a photo from a prior year, include it with the Press Release and a caption: "Celebrating St. Nicholas Day at YOUR CHURCH NAME." If you don't have a photo, consider getting a chocolate Santa and turning it into a St. Nicholas.


Celebrating St. Nicholas

Have you wondered what you will tell your children about Santa Claus as they get older? Do you know the origins of the Santa Claus story?

St. ______'s Episcopal Church is offering parents some help and a way to help their children learn about the tradition of gift-giving by learning the story of Saint Nicholas. Children of all ages are invited to a party to celebrate St. Nicholas Day at ____ o'clock on Saturday, December _____. "We want to help families focus on the spiritual side of giving gifts," explained The Rev. ______, rector of St. ______ Episcopal Church. "The party is a time to learn about the traditions of Christmas that we inherited from a generous bishop who became a saint." she said. "We'll have songs, games, activities and goodies for everyone-and I'll be ready to talk with parents about to deal with the Santa Claus questions, "she added. _____ emphasized that everyone in the community is invited to come. The party is at TIME on Saturday, December _____ at St. _______ , _____Street in Your City. Call PHONE NUMBER for more information or to notify the church if your child has a food allergy or any special needs.

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