"St. Nicholas Bishop" Class Party

This party idea is appropriate for upper elementary or middle school students who have learned something about Saint Nicholas. A game tests knowledge of the saint and determines who will become the youthful Nicholas bishop. After vesting, the new bishop distributes treats to the rest of the class and photos are taken.

Decorate the room with pictures and information about Saint Nicholas. Prepare a table with the youth bishop's miter and the treat bags (filled with hazelnut cookies and a short message from St Nicholas).

Table with red cloth
Classroom decorated and table ready

Divide the class into teams of three to play SAINT NICHOLAS RACETRACK. Teams advance their miter game pieces by answering questions about St. Nicholas correctly (e.g., Where was St. Nicholas born? Where was he a bishop? He is the patron saint of ________? (name one to move one space, three allows two moves forward), etc. When landing on question mark squares, a surprise card is read:

• You're helping St. Nicholas deliver gifts, but you've gotten lost. Go back two spaces.

• You've been good Saint Nicholas helpers. Move ahead two spaces.
Chart on wall
Saint Nicholas Racetrack playing board
Game playing scene
Teams of three compete

As the game is played, the playing piece miters move across the board.

Reading game questions
Three boys

St. Nicholas' Angel helps the Boy Bishop vest. He then gives treat bags to the other members of the class.

Putting miter on head
St. Nicholas Angel helps Boy Bishop
Boy Bishop in red
The new Boy Bishop!
Boy Bishop giving treat bag to girl
Boy Bishop giving gifts
Boy with Boy Bishop
Each student poses with Boy Bishop
Poster about St Nicholas
St. Nicholas poster in classroom
Catechism Class
The catechism class

Photos: Victor Aruda, Recife, Brazil; used by permission.

Adapted from Victor Arruda, Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosário, Recife, Brazil. Used by permission.

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