Children who, who love dear St. Nicholas

from Ukraine

Mikulas and angels giving gifts to Ukrainian children
Illustration: Halia Koszaryca, from Sing-A-Long Treasures, Kazka Productions, Ltd.
Used by permission
Children who, who love Dear St. Nicholas
Children who, who obey St. Nicholas—
They're the ones that won't be missed,
And their wishes will be blessed
By St. Nicholas.
Look upon our happy, smiling faces,
Come delight us with your blissful graces.
Don't forget to bring some treats,
Presents, peanuts and some sweets,
Dear St. Nicholas.

—English translation by Lena Hryhor Gulutsan

Musical notation PDF

From Sing-A-Long Treasures: A Collection of Rhymes, Songs and Verses in Ukrainian and English created, compiled and translated by Lena Hryhor Gulutsan, Kazka Productions, Ltd., Edmonton, Canada. Used by permission.

This is one of a series of five delightful little bi-lingual read-and-sing-along books. Colorfully illustrated, each comes with a cassette. Kazka books enable bilingual learning and cross-cultural appreciation. Purchase from Art by Larissa.

Mp3 file courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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