Saint Nichols the Miracle-Worker

Archbishop of Myra in Lycia

Hymn of Praise

St Nicholas on gold
M. Trouobut, iconographer
Serbia, ca 1995
St Nicholas Center Collection
Holy Father Nicholas,
The four corners of the world glorify you
As a knight of the powerful Faith,
The Faith of God, the true Faith.
From the cradle he was devoted to God,
From the cradle until the end;
And God glorified him—
His faithful Nicholas.
Famous was he throughout his life,
And even more renowned after death;
Mighty on earth was he,
And even more mighty is he in heaven.
Glowing spirit, pure heart,
He was a temple of the Living God;
For this the people glorify him
As a wondrous saint.
Nicholas, rich in glory,
Loves those who honor him as their Krsna Slava;
Before the throne of the eternal God,
He prays for their good.
O Nicholas, bless us,
Bless your people
Who, before God and before you,
Humbly stand in prayer.

Hymn from The Prologue from Ohrid, for December 6, copyright © 1999 Serbian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Western America. Permission pending.

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