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Eight players
The Miraculous Journey of Nicholas
2002 production at Rio Rancho High School, New Mexico Used by permission


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Why, St. Nicholas?
by Alison Berger from How St. Nicholas Became Santa Claus
Three very short acts tell the golden cup kidnap rescue story

The Sausage Maker's Interlude
by Henri Ghéon from St. Anne and the Gouty Rector and Other Plays
Legend of Saint Nicholas adapted to examine industrialized, technological, free-market culture

A Legend of Saint Nicholas
by Beulah Marie Dix from French's Plays for Juvenile Performers
An old Italian miracle play about the rescue of a kidnapped lad

The Secret of Santa: The Story of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra in Lycia
by Bill Godfrey, performed at St. Margaret's Church, Ilkley, West Yorkshire
Introduction to St. Nicholas with good historical background

distributed by the Department of Religious Eeducation of the Orthodox Church in America, modified by Phyllis Meshel Onest, M.Div.
Introduces St. Nicholas in talk-show interview format

Play script cover
Order from
Playscripts, Inc.

The Miraculous Journey of Nicholas: A Comedy and Miracle Play
by Jonathan Dunski, Playscripts, Inc., 2004
Young Basilios, rescued by Nicholas, tells the story of the good saint. All the major Nicholas stories—sea rescues, kidnapped scholars, selection as a bishop, sparring with the goddess Artemis, and transformation into Santa—are told with good humor, and a bit of tongue-in-cheek, as befits a miracle play. An excellent introduction to Nicholas, the play is suitable for all ages. Suited for a wide variety of settings as the cast is adaptable from 8–53, and the royalty for amateur performance is reasonable. Lengthy online sample, beneath copyright info. This is a very fine new resource.

Man on bicycle

Actor with Christmas tree
Skookum Pete
Photo: Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver

The Patron Saint of Stanley Park: A Magical Holiday Fable
by Hiro Kanagawa, Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver, Canada
The modern fable, based on the legends of Saint Nicholas of Myra, protector of children and real-life model for Santa Claus, is set in Vancouver's historic Stanley Park. On what turns into a violently wild stormy Christmas Eve, two siblings, struggling to come to terms with their father's disappearance in a float-plane accident, head to the park to remember and honor his memory. As the children are rescued by homeless vagabond Skookum Pete, the play celebrates family, love and the true Christmas spirit.

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One-Person Presentations
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The Son of Getron
Medieval liturgical drama of the story of Adeodatus, or Basilios, photos from production at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Washington D.C.
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