St. Nicholas Folk Tales

Designer: Paul Bolinger
Kurt Adler Collection
St Nicholas Center Collection

Covered in Mud!
A folk tale from Russia, retold
     Dirty Robes
     Another version
     Two Feasts and a Leap Day
     A Ukrainian version
The Miller's Tail
A folk tale from Italy, retold by Louise Carus
The Icon's Warm Bread
A folk tale from Greece, retold by Louise Carus
A Small Fish Story
A folk tale from Ireland, retold by Louise Carus
St. Nicholas and the Children
A tale from Canada, retold by Eva Martin
The Nine Questions
A folk tale from Spain, retold by Louise Carus
A folk tale from Germany, retold by Louise Carus
St. Nicholas & the Thief
A folk tale from Germany, collected by the Brothers Grimm
The Hermit and the Mouse Maiden 
A folk tale from Armenia, retold by Louise Carus
A Strange Visit 
A folk tale from Albania
The Baker's Dozen
A tale from colonial America

Folk tales retold as Comics by Benito Cereno

The Klaubauf's Wager 
A tale from Bavaria and Eastern Europe
Tio de Nadal
A blending of tales from Catalonia
The Baker's Dozen: A True Story of Saint Nicholas 
A traditional tale from upstate New York

Stories for Classroom Use
Traditional Stories & Legends
Classic Primary Sources
Life of St. Nicholas shown in images
Modern Miracles 

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