Celebrate St. Nicholas by Giving

Reverse giving carries out the spirit of Saint Nicholas

Shoes lined up ready
Photo: Linda Quinlan

When St. Nicholas left Christ the King School in Irondequoit, New York, his bag must have been heavier than when he arrived!

The children had brought toiletries to make comfort kits for the Red Cross. The Red Cross distributes comfort kits to victims of fire and other disasters.

Much of the day was spent with one shoe on and one shoe off, as children's shoes lined the hallways. These shoes were filled with shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, soap and washcloths the children had brought to school that day.

While the pupils were in class, the donated toiletries mysteriously disappeared, replaced by candy canes from Saint Nicholas.

Candy canes into shoes
Candy canes exchanged for toiletries
Photo: Linda Quinlan
Wagon with donations
Collected donations
Photo: Linda Quinlan
Finding a treat
Candy cane treat
Photo: Linda Quinlan

Later sixth-graders helps sort the donations; the Red Cross reported that enough was collected to make 300 kits.

Boys and teacher sorting
Sixth-graders sorting donations
Photo: Linda Quinlan

Source: "St. Nicholas trades candy for toiletries at Irondequoit school," by Linda Quinlan, Irondequoit Post Used under terms of a Creative Commons License.

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