Telling the Legends

By Nicola Currie

Nicholas with child
Greeting card, France
St Nicholas Center Collection

The legends about St Nicholas bring together the Advent and Christmas themes of expectation, excitement, gift-giving and goodness. They provide a rich resource for the teacher.

Retell some of the legends about St. Nicholas.

The story about how he stills a storm has been a favourite subject in Christian art. A class could do its own collage of this event using sponge-painting to create the sea with a card boat jutting out of the waves.

Children could act out the incident when St Nicholas secretly gives gold coins to three poor women; or play a game trying to throw chocolate coins into three large Christmas stockings.

From Festive Allsorts: Ideas for Celebrating the Christian Year, Nicola Currie, National Society/Church House Publishing, London, Copyright © 1994 Nicola Currie, p. 6. Used by permission.

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