St. Nicholas

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St. Nicholas Alternative Gift Cards to Print

Show St. Nicholas' spirit by giving alternative gifts!

St Nicholas Card Cover
Card front
St Nicholas Card file
Printed sheet to fold

Support your favorite charity, or your church's seasonal outreach project, and honor your friends and family at the same tiem. Give an alternative gift! An alternative gift is when the giver makes a donation to a charitable organization in the recipient's name, instead of giving a tangible gift. It is one way of carrying out the spirit of St. Nicholas by showing care and compassion for those in need. It also provides a focus on others, rather than consumerism during the holiday season.

Photo card
Personalized inside photo

Here is a St. Nicholas card to print for St. Nicholas alternative gifts. The file is a Word document and is designed to be printed on regular 8½ x 11-inch letter paper. There are two files: one specifically for the American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ) and one that is generic. The inside portion of both files may be edited to name the exact recipients of donations. If desired, the card may also be peronalized with your own photo in place of the inside image of St. Nicholas with the nativity crèche.

The top "upside-down" part of the card is not editable, as it is made with images, not text, so the card is easy to print. The back of the card has information about St. Nicholas and a short prayer.

Click to download the AFEDJ card or the generic card (be patient, it takes a little while). Because the file is downloaded from the web Word 2010 will ask you to click "Enable Editing" in order to edit the card. You will also need to click "Enable Printing" to print.

Enable Editing
Card back
Card back
Card front
Card front
Card inside
Inside left AFEDJ
Card inside
Inside left generic
Card inside
Inside right

Adapted from Greg Williams, Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Used by permission.

The American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ), a non-profit, non-political partnership with the Church in the Holy Land. AFEDJ supports the work of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem in two major hospitals, several schools, 29 parishes and 35 service organizations in Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Click for more information.

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