Becoming Santa

This documentary explores Santa; what it is like to become Santa and how our Santa Claus developed from St. Nicholas. Becoming Santa has featured at a number of film festivals and is now available on DVD. Trailer below
Becoming Santa

Becoming Santa

Becoming Santa documentary tells about a man who lost the Christmas spirit and decided to try to recapture it by becoming Santa for one season. He bleaches his beard, buys a Santa suit and heads off to Santa school. Along the way Santa's story is told and St. Nicholas Center helps tell about the original St. Nicholas. This is for adults and children who have already figured things out.

This is one of the sweetest, most charming films I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a great alternative to some of the cheesy Hollywood fare that comes out at the end of every year and says a lot more about Christmas spirit than any fictional tale could. Becoming Santa has all the makings of a holiday classic.
— from filmschoolrejects
A conversation with filmmaker "Santa" Jack Sanderson, writer, co-proudcer and Santa:


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Documentary for adults and children who have already figured things out.
93 minutes
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