Nicholas of Myra: the Movie

We get lots of questions asking when this film will be released. No release date has been announced. Production began in 2006; we will post further updates here and on our Facebook page. The most recent word has been that when it is released it will be as two separate movies, at least a year apart.

Nicholas of Myra

A fictionalized version of the story of Saint Nicholas—telling of the real man, with considerable dramatic license, behind today's Santa Claus

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"This new movie will bring the story of Saint Nicholas, with his selfless generosity, to the general public—a public that has largely forgotten or never knew his inspiring saga. Nicholas of Myra is for every time, all ages, and those of every creed. It will leave no doubt that Santa Claus is for real, and that he can be as much a part of sacred holiday tradition as secular."

"With this motion picture, we are trying to emulate the look of the classic film epics that many of us grew up on," stated Gerald Hartke, director of Nicholas of Myra. "It is going to be family entertainment that we hope, once completed, will be enjoyed for years to come."

"The World needs to know the story of Nicholas," said Canon James Rosenthal of the St. Nicholas Society, after visiting Wonderworker Studios and meeting the cast and crew.

For an introduction to the film, now in production, click for a motion picture trailer, newly-released scene, a teaser and more.

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