Saint Nicolas Patrick Hamm Postcard
Saint Nicolas Postcard
Patrick Hamm, France
St Nicholas Center Collection

Here are some links which may be of interest—from those who were kind enough to link to us, especially back in the beginning! (At least some of the ones we know about . . . and have had time to list.)

Most links we list are placed throughout the site—wherever they are relevant, making it easy to find information and sources.

We do not participate in link exchanges; we only link to sites of particular interest to our visitors, or for source information.

St. Nicholas-related Sites and Products
Church-related Sites
Educational Sites

St. Nicholas-related Sites and Products

HOBI Picture Cookie Molds

Church-related Sites

Theophania: Handmade Orthodox Crafts
      Prayer ropes and icons
Anglicans Online
Catholic Culture
CatholiCity: Best Catholic Links—Saints
CatholiCity: Best Catholic Sites—Arts & Crafts
ACROSS Pacific and Asia (New Zealand)
Association of Lutheran Resource Centers
Liturgy: Original Services, Worship Ideas and Articles by TLW
Faith at Home

Educational Sites

New York Carver
    Stone carving, architecture, art...and the Middle Ages
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