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St Nicholas looking in book
Detail from Austrian postcard, 1945
St. Nicholas Center Collection

All searches are case-insensitive, and return results with the most relevant hits at the top (except in the galleries, which are alphabetical).

Search results include alternate word forms, e.g., plurals and other word endings ("ed", "ing", etc.).

Accented letters do not work in search—with our apologies.

For a more precise search, (see below for examples):

- A minus sign at the start a term means the term must NOT be present in any results
"" Phrases enclosed in double quotes must appear EXACTLY as entered

Search examples

miter crozier
Find results that contain both words
miter -crozier
Find results that contain the word "miter" but not "crozier"
"dutch spice cookies"
Find results that with the exact phrase "dutch spice cookies" ("dutch spice cookies are tasty" would match, "dutch or other spice cookies" would not)
miter "dutch spice cookies" -pepernoten
Find results with both "miter" and the phrase "dutch spice cookies" but only if they don't have the word "pepernoten"

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