Postcard, Hungary
Postcard, Hungary
Rosenthal Collection

On December 5th children in Hungary carefully polish their best boot and put it on the windowsill or in front of the door to be filled by St. Nicholas, Szent Miklós or Mikulás, sometime during the night. The good bishop comes with a big sack full of presents and a large record book with children's good and bad deeds. He used to come with two helpers: a good angel who helps give out presents and a bad Krampus devil who makes mischief. Now it seems mostly to be the Krampusz.

In the night Szent Miklós secretly leaves little bags filled with candies, tangerines, oranges, walnuts, apples, chocolate Mikulás figures, peanuts, and small presents for children to find in the morning. Naughty children find twigs painted gold or a wooden spoon. Most children get some of each as no one is all good or all bad.

Even adults may participate, though they no longer seem to polish their shoes.

Mikulás-day is also celebrated in schools and day care centers. Children sing Mikulás songs and individual children may say poems and sing songs, as well. St. Nicholas calls them by name and has a personal message for each child. He may stay to play or watch a movie with the children.

School Visit
Szent Miklós visits a Budapest school
Photo: Krisztina Lukách Used by permission

In the cities Bishop Miklós is getting more confused with Santa; it is common to see Santa-type figures with bishop's croziers. Still he comes for his day, December 6th, and is gone before Christmas.

Mikulas Cukor
Candy Package
Mikulás Cukor
St Nicholas Center Collection

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