A Simple First-time St. Nicholas Celebration

Neither priest nor church had celebrated St. Nicholas before. No costumes needed as there wasn't an in-person St. Nicholas visit. Just a simple observance that any parish could duplicate, no matter how small. People loved it and even brought guests to learn about St. Nicholas!

Four Things to Do

  • First plan ahead.
    1. Announce plans so people know what to expect and have the opportunity to invite others.
    2. Plan and prepare gifts for shoes and arrange for someone to fill shoes during worship.
    3. Plan St. Nicholas sermon.
  • Invite parishioners as they come to put their shoes in the church office during worship in hopes of receiving a gift from St. Nicholas.
    • During worship someone fills the shoes with an orange in one and a small zip-lock bag with some M&Ms, a candy cane, and a couple of St. Nicholas prayer cards in the other.
  • Prepare a St. Nicholas PowerPoint for the sermon
    This one is an example from the Rev. Earle King. It was the Second Sunday of Advent so John the Baptist is also included. You may want to edit to suit your situation.
  • Close worship with St. Nicholas hymn: A Song for St Nicholas
Shoes filled with oranges, candy, and prayer cards

From the Rev. Earle King, interim priest at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Eggertsville, New York.

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